August 19, 2014

Museum Curator Career by missyhissy

World Adventures is needed for this career to work.
It was made with patch 1.63 and should work on all lower patch levels, although if it doesn't, please let me know. The career is in English only. I'll include translation instructions at the end.

There are two versions of the career: One is based at the Business and Journalism Office; the other is based at the City Hall. Only Install ONE. It has ten levels and focuses on the Handiness, Charisma, Logic, Writing and Photography skills.
There are no uniforms for this career, since I didn't really feel they were necessary. You can edit career outfits in CAS, so I highly recommend doing this.
There are no opportunities.
There is one custom tone:
Talk About Museum With Visitors, which builds the Charisma skill.

At Levels 9 and 10, Sims can hold Campaign Fundraisers to raise funds for the Museum.

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