August 04, 2014

Updated - Taxi Charge Mod by Sleepy-Genius

Mod Function
With this mod, your sims will be charged for Taxi rides. Your sim will call a taxi, pay the fee accordingly, and continue to their destination as usual.

Is your sim addicted to riding taxis? Have you had enough of their free rides? Do you think Sailor Moon is the best anime ever?

Well, you're in luck!

Starting today, you can now charge your sims for their precious taxi rides. That's right! Surprise them like giving your cat their first bath. They will love it for sure! So whenever they call for a taxi, they will charged a fee every time.

This is a full script custom mod that took forever to code, so I'm sure it will be downloaded with love.

How It Works
This code is activated whenever a sim calls or uses a taxi.
If the sim has money to cover the fee, then the sim is charged, money will be taken out of the sim's household fund, and given a positive notification before proceeding.
If the sim does not have money to cover the fee, then the sim's charge will be added to the sim's unpaid household bills and given a negative notification, then the taxi will proceed.

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