November 19, 2009

NewSea YU27F - Scallop by Savio

Download this hair for females at Savio's Stuff.

File name: NewSeaYU027 Scallop_TF-EF_Savio


  1. But it looks good anyway. :)

  2. Savio you'll have to hurry and convert the most of the newsea hairs because after downloading alot of the ones newseas pumped out yours look a million times better.

    Love the hair btw...

  3. Looks pretty cool! I'll try this :D

    PS: I've uploaded my hair as well ^_^

  4. Bangs are too Farrah for me, lol. Texture looks nice though!

  5. what the hell do you do to make your hairs look so darn goood? man, you're amazing Savio.

  6. This is totally 80's! Very cute Savio.

  7. surprising this is newsea I don't love it. the bangs are too big and flipped. it looks old amd tacky . and since when did anyone admire thehair of thwe80's?! that year was known as the year of thehorrrible hair. the hair has never made a comeback.

    Anyways that not a fault of yours savio :) excellent excusion with your conversions as always

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