April 08, 2010

Floodland and Driven Apart - Barrels & Grass by Aikea Guinea

Download at Club Crimsyn or Garden Of Shadows


  1. Ack. Aikea is too awesome. *runs off to download*

  2. The textures on the barrels are really good, and the grass looks so realistic. Love it.

  3. UPDATE:

    Some new tops by The Mare's Nest:


  4. I fangurl you, Aikea! Woohoo, the objects are fantastic, my download finger is on autopilot. Yay!

  5. Brilliant stuff! Thanks Aikea. :)

  6. Oh Aikea, you're simply amazing.

  7. Objects/clothes:
    Skating park-Sims 3 Nieuws

    Free bedroom set at TSR

    Free Tropical clutter at TSR

    Living the Life-Clothes update

    Isor's Houses



    Fuzzy Logic

    Epi's Blag

    Dreamy Sims

  8. Awesome!!! XD
    I really needed more grass coming from Aikea! *happy dance*

  9. We use that barrel to trow the trash!!!

  10. i hav new sims at queensims

  11. http://daisy-chainsims.blogspot.com/

  12. God dammit, the advertising in other people's threads is really rude, you know. The only one who does it in a less annoying way is the one who posts a bunch of finds all at once.

    AG, the barrels are really cool, and I love the grass. It looks very realistic.

  13. Please MS3B no more posting sims.
    We're getting fed up.

  14. Sorry forgot but the barrels and grass look really good.

  15. Awesomee! This'll look great for my creepy game :)

    Plus, I'm not getting fed up of sims being posted. Some of them are really good and make the game more interesting, it's boring if you've created all of them. Mainly because if you've created all of them, the tend to look the same. Not saying all of them do, but everyone uses different techniques ;)

    So don't stop posting sims please :D

    And sorry, I did advertise my friend's blog, But I wasn't actually quite sure where to post it, so excuse me :S

  16. I agree, stop posting sims. ONLY post sims of creators that post other materials, like subaxi who does brows and lipgloss. Ladyfrontbum how makes makeup and clothing.

  17. ^Why? This blog is to let the community know of updates. I don't know about you, but I like to see what others have created. Whether it be sims or anything else. Why does it matter?

  18. ^Why? This blog is to let the community know of updates. I don't know about you, but I like to see what others have created. Whether it be sims or anything else. Why does it matter?

  19. oops, sorry posted twice

  20. I don't mind seeing sims but it'd be nice if EVERYONE didn't get their sims posted. Only the best of the best should get posted, and everyone else shouldn't get butthurt and whiny about it. I'm tired of seeing tons of mediocre sims.

    The barrels and grass are really cool. :)

  21. "We're getting fed up."

    Don't generalize, some people don't mind like I do. I'm not saying post EVERY sim out there, but I still want to see sims here.

  22. I like to see the sims too. Its very easy to scroll past the things you don't like. I am not fond of all the lipsticks, but I just scroll past them.

  23. ^Agreed! I am not fond of everything here, but it is not my blog. I am so appreciative of what Joe does, I don't bitch about it, I just keep scrolling til I find something interesting.

    If you don't like what is profiled here, then move alone and find your own updates. Damn!

  24. ^Commenting on the content we'd like to see doesn't mean we're not appreciative. I greatly appreciate everything Joe does, but that doesn't mean I don't have opinions. Just like we don't have to like everything posted, he doesn't have to take our opinions into account when deciding what to post. I would never expect him to bend to our wishes just because we want him to. If he wants to, he can. If he doesn't, then so be it.

    I know if it were my blog, I'd want some feedback to decide what people want to see. Your argument is a little like saying that constructive criticism doesn't help creators, although I'm sure you didn't mean it that way.

    Either way, as long as people are polite, I don't see anything wrong with comments regarding what kind of content is posted. Joe himself has asked for our opinions on several occasions. If he doesn't want to listen to us, he doesn't have to. I, for one, try to be polite in making requests etc, so hopefully he doesn't take my opinion as a negative thing.

  25. I don't mind to see sims here BUT only Best of the best and most unique sims should get featured here.
    Think about how much time and effort the creators have put into making their sims.
    Not just modified random sims in CAS with a lot of make up/CC.
    And sometimes I'm amazed when some of sims creators posted their new sims every so often like several days in a week.
    WOW, those sims must be very high quality and worth to download *roll eyes*
    So please just post only BEST sims here.