October 08, 2010

Wire House Speakers - Sims Can Sleep by Tiake

Download at Mod The Sims


  1. Much needed, but I actually enjoy to see my Sims go upstairs with the radio turned on and coming back just to yell at it! :P

    Regarding the sound, I wish EA would create a integrated system that controls the dB of the sound.
    We have that for game-music but not for custom ones, it sucks. "/

  2. Nice. This is definitely useful for me. My Mr. Mysterious Gnomes keep turning all the stereos on at night and keeping everyone up.

  3. Awesomemod already has had this feature for some months now, but it's nice to know the people with base games can have it too.

  4. I've had some trouble getting it to work with the Awesomemod. Perhaps I should try again. Anyway great mod and definitely needed.