November 04, 2010

Testers Wanted: Harder Celebrity Difficulty & More (Late Night) by HystericalParoxysm

This is a series of mods designed to change the difficulty for sims to become celebrities.
As the same XML file controls the "disgraceful actions" that are applied to celebrities, these mods also have options regarding those actions.

Please read the text below carefully regarding the different flavours, and choose the flavour that best suits your play style.

Download one flavour and ONLY one flavour! These files are NOT mix and match - you can only have ONE! You will need to choose which flavour suits you for celebrity threshhold as well as falsely accused chance.

This will not change current celebrity levels! Any existing celebrity sims will retain their celeb levels. This will only change the ease of raising celebrity level in future.

Read more and download at Mod The Sims


  1. Theres no way I want it to be hard to become a celeb. Lol. That's just not very productive. I love that my sim is already 5 star and the other 3 star and I worked hard enough for that!

  2. ^because you are lazy. there is no challenge in becoming a celebrity in the game's default setting. gets boring really fast if you don't have to work for anything.

  3. I would download if it wasn't MTS.

  4. At first anon, you just sound stupid. Harder gameplay doesn't equal more fun and DUH people play games to have fun. The sims is not a challenge based video game in the sense that it is supposed to be difficult and a lot of players of the sims are NOT looking for that. It has nothing to do with being "lazy". You're LAZY for sitting passively and playing pixels instead of having a life.

  5. ^you're playing pixels too, so basically you admit that you are lazy

  6. Actually KeKe, a lot of Simmers are looking to make it harder to become a celeb.

    What ends up happening is the neighborhood becomes overrun with celebs because it is so easy to level up. I barely had to do anything to get my sim to three stars.

    And darling, stop trying to insult people. You fail at it.

  7. I think harder gameplay DOES equal more fun. There are far, far too many elements of TS3 that are simple enough for a child to accomplish. Becoming a celeb is one of them. Easy is boring, IMO. If there's no element of challenge, it's no longer a game and becomes simply a "click button, watch things happen" movie-like experience. I use a ton of my own unreleased mods in my game, specifically designed to make things more difficult.

    I, for one, appreciate mods like this.

  8. Mmkay thats fine to prefer that things be harder but it's fun to YOU, not everyone.

    And ACTUALLY anon my neighborhood has not become overrun and I am plenty sure Im not the only one. So leave your stupid snide comments to yourself.

  9. This mod seems to have been taken down from MTS, might need to take it out of this blog since there is no download thread at MTS for this mod anymore.

  10. Oh KeKe, please look up snide in dictionary. I was nowhere close to snide. But trust me dear, I can open a world of insult like you would never believe.

    "Mmkay thats fine to prefer that things be harder but it's fun to YOU, not everyone."

    As I said before, you simple child, many people have requested making becoming a celebrity harder. Many, many people. Not just me.

    "And ACTUALLY anon my neighborhood has not become overrun and I am plenty sure Im not the only one. So leave your stupid snide comments to yourself."

    And Keke, you simpering idiot, capitalizing words to emphasize how super duper important they are suppose to be makes you look like an ignorant pre-teen.

    Though I do get the feeling you are just that. A sad little pre-teen who decided she wanted to play with the big boys. I'm going to tell you something about the real world KeKe. No one fucking cares what you think.

    "You're LAZY for sitting passively and playing pixels instead of having a life."

    But don't you play? And didn't you work oh so hard to get your celebrities? Time to take your own advice sweetheart. Right now you just come off as pathetic.

    And don't try to troll people who can troll better. Trust me, I barely scratched the surface of all the things I could say because I'm feeling nice today.

    Just try me darling, I dare you.

  11. ^^^ What a loser. Sitting on the internet writing hundred of words to a perfect stranger who could care less if you drop dead right now. Do you honestly think I give a fuck about your wanna be smart ass comments about some video game.

    Stupid bitch. Get a life outside the sims, mmkay?

    And many, many more people outside of your ugly, loser ass do NOT want harder celebrity status.

  12. Oh Keke/Jewell.

    Take a look in the damn mirror once in awhile.

    Unlike you I have a life outside of the Sims. I didn't have time to make a blogspot blog called BeJeweled and advertise Sims that I made on it. Sims that are not unique and only look different because of other people's CC that you buried on top of them. Plain, boring Sims.

    And Keke, between you and me, such intense cursing is juvenile. If you are truly trying to hurt my feelings, please come up with creative ones at least. Douchetard is particularly pleasing to the ear.

    Fact is, silly girl, you can waste time responding to me a "perfect stranger". And trust me child, as long as you are around, I will be there to make sure you stay in line.

    Not just me, but all the other Simmers who think this mod is worthwhile.

    Here's an idea Princess. Go post what you think on MATY (More Awesome Than You, because I'm sure you have no clue what MATY is). And after getting butt raped repeatedly by them, my words will seem like sweet little nothings.

    You can insult me all you want, but I'm not the one losing my cool. So I win.

  13. @Anon Your words are not hurting me, I think you are under the impression they do. NEWSFLASH! I have a life. Just came home from doing two VERY entertaining things out on the town that do not include thinking Im Pwning someone on a sims message board.

    And you think you're so clever huh?
    Dumb ass. If I was Jewell and Keke bitch, don't you think I'd try to hide it? No I support Jewells website. Get a fucking CLUE Mmkay?

    Plain boring sims? Better than being butt ugly like your ass and Jewells sim wasn't too boring to My sims 3 blog that featured it.

    You seem to be under the impression as well that your opinion is wholly important and more factual than it is just your silly ass little insignificant view. I COULDNT possibly care less about you silly opinions.

    You however DO need to get a life.


  14. Actually, I do think you are Jewell/Jewell0990. Don't link your blog if you are going to troll. Better yet, don't leave your email address on your blog.

    Or, how about this sweetheart, when I google Jewell0990 (which your blog clearly states your email is Jewell0990), I get dozens of hits of you just being an ass. Oh and racist. And the tone is almost exact to your tone on here.

    I have screenshots to prove it too. And some of us might just so be inclined to email blogspot with records of your "behavior".

    Here's a nice capture of some of Jewell0990/KeKe's behavior on other websites if someone is so inclined to take a looksies.

    And don't deny you are her Keke. Just changing your name doesn't make you a different person.

  15. Wow. I am African American. How in the fuck am I some random other person named jewell0990? googling something can lead you to lots of unrelated things.

    I am black. So um...yeah. I have never commented on mediatakeout either. Get a life. And I am not Jewell. There's no reason for me to hide being Jewell! LULZ. What are the consequences? NONE.

    Weirdo. You have proven you need to get a life even more now.

  16. Why in the fuck would I leave racist comments against my own race? Answer me that!

  17. And the reason you stopped logging in as KeKe to comment?

    Because when you click the link in your name, it brings you to your Bejewled blog which clearly has in the comments on the first post that your email in

    How common is it to misspell Jewel with two L's? Or better yet, use the same four numbers after it.

    And googling Jewell0990 leads to that website, a Yahoo answers question regarding a positive pregnancy test posted by Jewell0990 (hope your child is doing well btw), comments on IMDb boards by Jewell0990 and oh let's see a registered Snooty Sims account to Jewell0990 that features the same "Brigitte Bardot" sim featured on the Bejewled site.

  18. You are so strange. I WANT people to visit that website. Why else would I but a big ass obvious link to it?

    You are soooo not very bright. Like at all! And again, I am black, my name is KeKe (keekee, nickname). How many white KeKe's you know? Lol. Jackass. And I stopped bothering to do that because it take an extra few seconds you jackass!

    Wow! You are so dumb you think I am trying to hide that I am Jewell, for whatever weird reason you can think of and then you think I am also wanting people to visit "my" website! I know the link is clickable when I put it in my name,as I will continue to DO.

    Get a life. You are a very strange, very sad CREATURE. Really.

  19. It's obvious what's going on here. Keke, or whoever the hell needs to grow up and shut the fuck up because obviously no one gives a damn about her or her stupid opinions. Yes you are obviously sooo smart because you can call someone a "CREATURE". You are so smart because you can call someone a "bitch". Yes, it makes you look soooo good to dump on someone who has a different opinion to you. Seriously, I hope you die in a fire.

    People like you shouldn't be allowed to live or procreate. God forbid anyone ever wants to fuck you. We already have enough brainless idiots clogging up the world without adding more inbred children to the world via your rancid vagina.

  20. Rancid vagina? LOLZ. Never that! Haha.

    The only thing that is obvious is that you need an intervention on your behalf because you are NUTS.

    Lulz. I did the same stupid, desperate loser search you did and came up with tons and tons of countless instances where the most random username was shared by more than one damn person, by many different people. It is retarded to think the way you do.

    GET A LIFE and stop holding little "investigations" on people because they think a mod is STUPID. WEIRD ASS.

  21. Er, I notice the misogyny.

    Anyway, I personally prefer to make celebrity status harder to obtain. In my game (which probably isn't exactly like everyone else's) the sims will score two stars just by talking to a sim with one star!

    In my game, almost every sim in town became a three star celebrity within a couple days. It was really annoying with the paparazzi stumbling EVERYWHERE! Just ridiculous.

    But not one sim has vomited, at all. Too wierd, considering other players need hip-waders :)

  22. Needs to be updated!!!