March 24, 2011

Long Lashes by Tynaa

Download at Sky Blue Imagination


  1. nice, but it still just looks like someone splattered a lot of eyeliner one, and smashed her eyelashes into her lid., still, it's a lot nicer looking than some other eyelash eyeliners I've seen, so good job!

    It'd be impossible to make look right, but it'd be nice if someone could attempt making accessory eyelashes.

  2. this doesn't look too good, more like smuged eyeliner

  3. The lashes look uneven, but I'm going to download anyway.

  4. It actually looks pretty good in the game.

  5. To have long eyelashes all you have to do is enable your CAS slider more than it currently is set as. I use 4 for my CAS slider and that makes for nicer looking sims and long eyelashes. You do need a mod to access that.

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