March 04, 2010

Three New Sets at The Sims 3 Store

Earth Day

Celebrate the March equinox and Earth Day by going green. Celebrate Earth Day every day with these green gifts.

3 items are included in this set

Faire Folk Furnishings + Attire

Never before within the reach of mere mortals, Faire Folk Life allows you to dress yourself and your home magically.

Club Vaindenburger Relaxation (Den + Study)

In 1773, the Earl of Vaindenburger commissioned a furniture set that would permit Lords and Ladies of leisure and means to relax in a state of suspended semiconscious delerium. Originally only available to the elite, today these monuments to comfort and distinction are produced by the containerload and shipped to dens and lairs around the globe. "Vaindenburger- taste the taste."