May 31, 2010

Marcio Kogan - Osler House by Paty

Download at My Sim-Style


  1. Can't get this house to install.

    Was it made with the Ambitions expansion pack? (aka a later install?)

    Any info appreciated, thanks!

  2. Hello!
    Paty I My Sim-style
    I have not the pack "ambitions" ...
    I gain back the house to export

  3. Oh well, I give up. Tried to install it directly into the Sims 3 launcher and not. One of the many bugs with the launcher.

    The house is lovely though, I will examine the pictures and make an "inspired by" version of the house though.

    Good job on this!

  4. Nice house, I like it too!

  5. Thanks! Nice house. No problem installing. But I did have difficulty locating it. Apparently it's shipped with the Wolff family. So if you try to find the house, try looking for the custom content of Wolff family