May 31, 2010

Open and Broken Doors at The Land of Woe

Download at The Land of Woe

Thanks, Anon:)


  1. These look great - so many uses . . .

  2. Excellent! I somehow missed this site entirely so this was my first look at it. Amazing work. And in my favourite (grunge) style. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I think the site just recently started up. He/she used to be a creator at TSR, and has (hopefully!) seen the light. :D

  4. This really cool stuff, big thank you to the creator!

  5. Wideopeneyes, go ahead on with your bad self. Happy to see a wonderful and talented creator go ahead and make a site of their own. Love her work.

  6. This is Wideopeneyes' new site? Awesome! WOE always makes high quality stuff and this is no exception. :)

  7. Too bad wideopeneyes is a shitty pay artist at TSR.

    Blah blah, I know Aikea Guinea used to be one but she realized her mistakes long ago before it was publicly released how horrible TSR was. Now all that information is available openly at and PMBD so there is no excuse for anyone like wideopeneyes (how is that for irony, since her eyes are clearly closed being a pay artist at TSR) to come in this late in the game and be a pay artist. I don't care how good she is, if the rest of the pay artists deserve scorn, so does she.

  8. Viva la differenceJune 2, 2010 at 1:21 PM

    Stop being nonsense, Anon.

    Amazing jobs welldone! Very cool stuff.
    Because cool, chic, nonconforming stuff like Club crymson and WOE that makesmy game more cool and interesting to play!

    Kudo to them all creative creators!