January 13, 2011

Sims 2 Conversion: ShoYou Shoji Screen and Bowl of Plastic Fruit by Shivar

Download at Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher

Bowl of Fruit here


  1. don't remember the screen from the Sims 2 but it looks pretty good!
    also, finally someone made a good bowl of fruit that even looks real. :)

  2. Great conversions, Shivar!!!! The fruit looks fantastic

  3. love the fruit :)

  4. so Shivar says that sims 2 conversions are easy as hell to do. So I hope he does alot more.

  5. I will do quite a few more. They're amazingly easy. It's a very short process.

    Step 1. Find the item
    Step 2. Export mesh
    Step 3. Export one single texture
    Step 4. Open mesh in milkshape and make sure it's centered properly
    Step 5. Save as TSRW
    Step 6. Import over similar item in TSRW
    Step 7. Make the texture a DDS and remove all texture details to make it into a multiplier
    Step 8. Make a color mask right on top of that same texture and save it as something else
    Step 9. Import both
    Step 10. Basic TSRW finishing steps

    That's pretty much all it takes. You have to tweak some things sometimes (the screen, for example, was about a tile back and a tile to the left of hte center of two tiles for some reason), but everything is already the proper scale and the textures are usually simple enough that making a multiplier is really easy.

  6. ^ Yeah but don't disregard shadows. Some meshes require more than 2 groups, especially if you're working with something that uses glass. These have outdoor shadows right? You're not doing the same converting as that chick who does that weird horse crap right? None of her stuff has outdoor shadows.

  7. They have outdoor shadows, yes.

    As for indoor, he paddles had a wall shadow, but I didn't do anything special for the screen (although you can tell from the screenshot the game handles it just fine) since it was cloned from an existing screen, and the bowl doesn't have a ground shadow because no matter what I did with it, it looked completely wrong- TSRW was not cooperating with me about it. It was like the shadow mesh was UV-mapped wrong, or something? But it did it even if I used the default shadow from the object I cloned.

    But yeah, outdoor shadows. And I'm trying to do the indoor shadows properly when I can.

  8. Oh, thanks a lot, I really love the screen.

  9. Loved this screen! Look forward to seeing more conversions. Awesome job, Shivar.

  10. aww......what fun is a Shiver post without trolls :(