August 31, 2009

Hoodies collection

Download these at Mod The Sims

2009 BMW M3 Coupe

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 20,251, Vertices: 22,883

UPDATE - This has been added by Savio - Juice 125

Savio has updated his blog and added this hair for both male and females. You can download it for just males or females at Savio's blog. Both of these have been updated!

File names:


Fixed File names:


Set Tinyt at Mango Sims - 9 New Meshes

Download this new bathroom set at Mango Sims.

Moonlight Skin - Body replacements

If you downloaded these face replacements a few days ago and want the body to go with them, you can download them at Garden Of Shadows. Two versions available, with or without hair and these are for all ages.

Proper Posters, Series 01

Download these posters and more at Garden Of Shadows.

Pullover with Skirt for Children

Download these for your female children at Oepu's blog.

- For female childs.
- New outfit. Doesn't overwrite any existing outfit.
- Full body outfit.
- A neutral bumpmap is included.
- Fully recolorable. 3 Recoloring Channels: arms, pullover, skirt.
- Comes with 3 designs shown on the pictures.
- One design has a stencil.

New Patterns at CC4Sims

Check Out Miss Skitty's Custom Content

Someone asked about the first shirts and I said that I'd try to find them. Well, I guess they found me. Thank you, Miss Skitty! Go to this site to download the shirt and more. All of these and the leopard tattoo are available for teen through adult.

August 30, 2009

TS2 Hair Conversions: *UPDATED* Jeanette and Uni male ponytail

UPDATED: Now separate male and female Jeanette versions! Less clippage, better hairline, more shininess.

Download these at MATY. The first one is available for males and females - teen through elder. The second is for males only - teen through elder.
File names:


Henna for the Ladies

Download these and more at Mod The Sims. Available for teens through elder.

Bellamy's male brow

Two -shady- Brows: Converted

Download at Mod The Sims. Available for teen through adult.

Three Piece Set of Clothing for Female Toddlers

New Default Replacement Eyes

New default replacement eyes available at Mod The Sims.

Heavy Platform Boots

Peggy 77 Converted by annihilation

Download for teen - elder at Annihilation's Sims 3 CC

File name: peggy_may09gift_conversion

New Conversions at Garden Of Shadows

UPDATED - So check back at GOS!

You can get these individually or all in one file. There's two hair, both teen through elder. Download at Garden Of Shadows.

File names:


August 29, 2009

Eyeliner and Blush by DSke

DSke at Garden Of Shadows has added some more makeup. Scroll down a little, past the makeup already posted and check out other examples. Download at Garden Of Shadows.


Download this at XM Sims for females - teen through elder.

File name: XMS3-FloraHair011-TFtoEF