July 07, 2010

Pin-Up Posters by Gelydh

Download at Club Crimsyn or Garden of Shadows

New Painting by Bozena

Download at Sims District

CD & Cassette Clutter by Aikea Guinea

Download at Club Crimsyn

New Sims by Epi

Download at Epi's Blag

Gapped Teeth by Kittehbomb

Download at Kittehbom's Sims

Alphabet Lighting by Pilar39mx

Download at Pilar39mx Sims

Modern Column Set by denizzo_ist

Download at SimsTR

New Sims by Miss Lochness

Download at Sim Style Parade

New Bedroom Set by Dandelo

Download at Jenni Sims

Savio 11 Child Conversion (two versions) by Robodl95

Download at Look it's a Plumbob over my Head

File names:


Savio's teen - elder hair here and Anubis' here