February 10, 2014

Côtes d'Ambonnay - A French Medieval World by xSorcier

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More Dangerous Zombies! by DrHouse93

I really never liked the way EA designed Zombies, since TS2 (Zombies are NOT friendly!). So basically, I edited some Zombies' behaviours in order to give them a more realistic representation of what they really are (flesh-eating creatures)


- It completely removes the "Argh" interactions when clicking on another Sim (it was useless in my opinion). The only interaction available when clicking on a Sim is "Braaaaaains"
- "Braaaaaains" interaction now will never fail. Each time a Zombie tries to attack a Sim, he will succeed (in vanilla game, there was a 50% chance that the victim screamed so loudly to stop the Zombie from attacking him due to the noise. I mean, EA, really?)
- "Braaaaaains" is now an autonomous interaction. This means if a Sim is close to a Zombie, after a while he will be attacked (though the waiting time is too long. I'm planning to make it shorter)
- Zombies are permanent! Once you become a Zombie, you will never come back, unless you drink some Elixir to heal yourself. Basically, whenever a Zombie bites a Sim, he will become a Zombie and he will receive the "Zombified" moodlet. This is now a permament Moodlet, which also grants a -360 mood


The mod obviously requires Supernatural to work. It doesn't conflict with the "No Zombies on Full Moon (Lite version)" mod (tested). It should conflict with other mods which edits the XML files "Sim+ZombifiedSocials" and "Buffs" (not tested)

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Alesso Eve Retextures by Beaverhausen

Storybrook County - Version 4

Spanky's Bob by QuizicalGin

New Houses by Cylasims3smallhomes

Nami's Clima Tact by Kaizoku-Gal.

Feline Muggins by QuizicalGin

Skysims, Newsea and Zauma Retextures by Pixelated Zombies

Raggio del Sole by Iamsimming

Alice + Olivia Dress by Gergana

Lorelei Lester by simsgal2227

Pumpkin Earrings by Pyszny

Yuriko by Ginara

Q2 Apartment by Soffiko