September 01, 2011

New Things at The Sims 3 Store

Boho Vintage Women's Collection

An eclectic collection of styles and designs old and new mixed together for combinations that give your look an artsy take on vintage fashions.

1,600 SimPoints

Viva Las Vegas Living

Reminiscent of the casinos from the land of excess, this set is for Sims that crave a décor that matches their fast love for Lady Luck, and games of chance.
This is a new object!
1,450 SimPoints

Hollywood Regency Den

Perhaps you're a person who likes decor with an instantly distinguishable character. Lovers of the sweeping clean lines, and shapes of the Regency style, this set is sure to define your living space as elegant, proud, and elite.

550 SimPoints

Happy Halloween: Gory Goodies at The Sims 3 Store

Get into the Halloween spirit with these fantastically frightening, deathly delightful, and creepy confectionary goodies!


September 2011 Compilation

This set contains items from the following sets:

Viva Las Vegas Living
Happy Halloween: Gory Goodies
Boho Vintage Women's Collection
Hollywood Regency Den

2,950 SimPoints

New Lot by DeathnoteSim

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Shess Beeutin by NergoElle

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Injured Kid Poses by AddyKat

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Cute Pandas by Karinilla

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New Lots at Sims District

New Apartment by KimKolwiek

Community Park and Pool by Loki

Library by Loki

3 Wall Sticker Sets by MacTheKat

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