October 27, 2014

Bleake Islands - A Bleak Place Indeed! by SimmyRN

Spooky Sky and Pumpkin Moon Reissue + Default Star Field Replacement by Aminovas

All in One Mismatched Socks by OneEuroMutt

EA Redone Doors & Doors Miniset by Murfeelee

Fantasyland (Community Lot) by Sil Sharkie

Forged Metallic Headband by BEO

Chewing Gum by Arsil

Developed and tested with game version 1.67.

This mod adds chewing gums in the game.

You can buy them at a grocery store rabbit hole (or in the buy catalog under appliances/misc)
and eat/chew them to get a nerfed minty breath buff (the one you get for brushing teeth in a sink).
It features a (lame) new mesh for the gum and a (even lamer) custom chewing animation for children and adults.

Gums are very small so pay attention where you place them.
If they are in a inventory they appear like a pack.
You can drag and drop them from a sim to another sim.
Sims will eat/chew gums autonomously (but keep in mind that they see them as food).
Simbots can't eat gums.

Hair 28 by Irida Sims

Butterflysims 138 & 140 Hair for Females

Donation & Free

Alex S3 CC and My Sims 3 Blog Pumpkins by Aminovas

Mini Wings by GoldDream

Makeup and Eyes by Tifa

Dress 26 by BEO

Malifecent Accessories Set by Ladesire

Hermit's Hideaway by FairsteadSims

Paintings by Caterpillarsims

Tartan Patterns by Alovelikesims

Arcade Tweaks by Montigo Legacy

Grey Tides by Simberry