July 02, 2013

Girls' Private Academy - Large Residential Lot by Melissa

Deena & Ozzy Hettie Cut Ballerina Shoes by Pixicat

Wrap Skirt Bathing Suit by NyGirl

Golden Vanity Dress by Altea127

Butterflysims 83 Retextures by Beaverhausen

New Patterns by Annej

Summer Dress by Laupipi

Eyeliner N1 by Tsminh_3

Summer Hill Park by Anya Sims

New Eyes by Tzuvenirs

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6 Creepy Cushions by Saylorsims

Singing Pose Pack by Rated PG

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Cute Posepack by Mimoto

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Faster/Slower and/or Hidden Skills! (Updated for Island Paradise/1.55) by Gesimz

UPDATE 25/6/13 - All versions of the mod have now been updated for patch 1.55/Island Paradise.

In addition, two new mods have been uploaded:

 - On request, a 500% Slower Skills version of the mod has been added; and

 - On request, a separate optional add-on mod (that works alongside the main mod or on its own) has been added also for Faster/Slower Sims 3 Store Skills (e.g. Dancing, Gambling, Violin etc).

 Refer to Compatibility below to see which resource the optional Store Skills mod edits.

If you have downloaded any versions of this mod prior to this notice, it is recommend that you re-download them again just to be sure you are using the latest version of this mod.


06/03/13 - PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD: A bug/typo has been fixed with the Photography and Pool Skills which may have caused issues in being unable to use Pool Tables and/or Cameras and gain skill with these objects.

05/03/13 - All files have now been updated and should be compatible with University Life/1.50 patch and the new skills of Street Art, Science and Social Networking for Primary Skills and Ping Pong, Bowling, Influence Nerd, Influence Rebel and Influence Socialite if you use a Hidden Skills variant of the mod.

Check the date the file has been modified prior to use to make sure you have downloaded and/or are using the latest version.

I won't be able to test this myself until I get my copy of University Life in a few days time.

Let me know in the comments if it works and/or you experience any issues.

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Strapless Layered Lace Sundress for Teens by NyGirl

Newsea Azure Sky Retexture by Nigalkins