September 26, 2009

Romancing the Stone by romagi

Download this lot and see more pictures at Mod The Sims

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Delicate Twigs by Desdren

Download this painting at Desdren Sims 3 Paintings

Hogan Deep-fried diner redo by lanawinst

Download this community lot at Mod The Sims

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New Paintings and Lots at Sims 3 Adventure

Download this and more at Sims 3 Adventure

UPDATED - NewSea 16 by Savio

Savio has added another conversion at his blog. This was also converted way back here and of course at Newsea for donation. I'm not sure if it's for both genders - I won't be able to play my game until much later:)

UPDATE: Male version added

File names:

NewSea Hair YU016m-viking-MALE_Savio

Everything will be added in a bit

Alright, everything is finished for now. All the links were added earlier and I forgot to hit publish on this update before I left. Anyway, this is the look for now. I'm working on a banner to replace the one that came with this template so the header is empty for now.

Also I've been categorizing things a little bit better, like "Paintings and Posters" - "Clutter Objects" etc. So until those are finished (probably by Monday) make sure to click the generic "objects" label to see the older posts I haven't got to yet.

Stylist Sims Hair 02

A new hair for females has been added at Stylist Sims. I'm not sure what ages it's for...I won't be able to try it out until later.

File name: stylist_sims_hair_02_female

Ikea Inspired Granas Diningroom

Download this set by RICCI2882 at The Sims Resource

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