November 22, 2013

San Jose Victorian by Ruth Kay

Kewai-Dou LeiRE Hair for Males & Females

Warm Patterns Set 2 by Simmycrystal

Alpine Winter Bedroom Set by Sandy

IKEA BILD - Racing Car Recolour by Klaartje68

Samsung Galaxy S4 by Mirel

New Set at The Sims 3 Store

Inspired by both Slavic folklore and modern trends, the Mother Russia set is sure to please! Bold, stunning architectural pieces will allow you to create breathtaking structures while the clothing and hairstyles will give your Sims a unique look. *The Sims 3: Seasons Expansion Pack is required to use snow with this set.

New Houses by MacTheKat

Shino&KCR's Bedroom Loft

Elmdale Railway Station by Helga the WhiteWitch

Tutti-Frutti Donation Teen Bedroom Set & Free Clutter by Simcredible Designs

Sweet Bliss Paintings by Simmysimsam

The Spectre Mausoleum Roof - Now for your buildings! by simgrassalidale

BiLa's Horns Conversion by Ersel

New Contacts by Niobecremisi