September 19, 2009

Newsea has added another donation hair

This one is donation, so go here to get it. For both genders and all ages. This was also converted a while back. You can find the original here.


Updates at Sims 3 Adventure

Download this house, the patterns and more at Sims 3 Adventure

2009 Lexus IS F by Fresh-Prince at MTS

Polygon Counts:
Faces: 16,800, Vertices: 22,268

New Clutter Objects by hazuitokage at MTS

Three Updated Hairs at XM Sims

Go to XM Sims to download the updated versions of the three hairs below. With the new versions you can change the accessory color separately now - I tested them and the accessory part is designable. All are the same file names so the new will replace the old.

File names:


New Paintings at Sunset City Sims 3

Hibari Hair Updated by Kewai-Dou

This is available at Kewai-Dou for males - all ages and females - toddler and children only. You can find the file name for the previous version here.

File names:


New Clothing at Stylist Sims

New Build Items at Sims 3 Modern Houses

A Major Update at Parsimonious

Parsimonious has added a little bit of everything, you can download all of this and a lot more. There's new clothing, makeup, hair/accessories, shoes and more.

Rose Special Gift 002 (Rose 179) by Savio

This was previewed a few days ago and Savio has added it to his blog, so go there to download.

File name: Rose179-SpecialGift02_Savio-1.0