December 22, 2009

New Shoes and Patterns at Parsimonious

Download the shoes and patterns at Parsimonious

New Bathroom Set by MK

Set includes the shower, sink, table, mirror, rug, basket, laundry basket, shelf and towel.

Download at MK stuff

Newsea's Temporary Site

I didn't see anything new, but here is the link to Newsea's temporary site.


Thanks, anon:)

Quartier du Café de Louis by ninotchka

Download this residential lot at Mod The Sims

Updates by Aikea Guinea

The hair has been updated and there's no face shine, and there's now a Sims3pack version of the Sim available. There's also a male version of the boots.

Download the fixed hair, the male boots and Sim3pack Sim at Club Crimsyn

The file name for the hair is the same, so the new will replace the other version.

File name: Aikea Guinea - F Hair Sussie 1600 Conversion

Vintage Japanese Ads by Evelyn

Download at Garden Of Shadows

Crazy Cat Lady House by Century Eyes

Download the House and Sim at Garden Of Shadows

New Paintings by Nadiah

Download at Skysims