September 06, 2011

New Paintings by Tinu

Download at DecoCoon

The Traveler (Version 1 - Introduced 2011-SEP-06) by Twallan

THIS MOD IS EXPERIMENTAL. Do not install unless you intend to test and report your findings.

This mod could seriously damage your save-game. Ensure that while testing you have backed up your save-files.

Consider yourself warned : Now on with the show.



This mod replaces the travel code, and re-enables the script error logging. If the travel system fails, the logs will make things easier to track down the issue and repair it.

Oh yeah, it also has the capability to load any World as a Vacation destination.

Pause Travel
Whether to pause the travel clock
Default: False

Remove Travel Restrictions
Removes the restrictions applied to children and pregnant sims
Default: False

Total Reset
Resets the mod's settings to their tuning defaults

Displays the version of the mod

Read more and download at NRaas Industries

Thanks, B:)

New & Updated Clothing and Paintings by SkySims

Improved downloads: updated pag. 14 of teenager - female.

- New downloads:

New clothing for teenager - male (1) , children - male (2) & toddler - male (1)
3 new sets of objects (patchwork paintings)

Download at SkySims

Butterfly Lagoon - Mosquito Cove Makeover by Heaven

Download at Pennies from Heaven

Stone Patterns by Fantasy

Download at Sims Competition

Hidden Springs Town Square and Two Starters By Cera13

Download at Cera and the Sims 3

Fir Grove Starter

Bristlecone Starter

Long Strapless Dress with Brooch by Đаяĸиϊģнт

Download at SimsTR

Eleonora Bedroom Set by Clio

Download at Clio Sims3

Ondina Living Set by Crisbea

Download at Pilar39mx