August 31, 2012

Newsea Jessica Hair for Females

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All Ages

Thanks, Eternila:)

Susie Bedroom Set by Severinka

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ADELE Exquisite Mirror Conversion by Veritas

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New Aubusson 10 1-Tile Round Rug Recolors by Vayleen

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Radiant Dreams - Clear Wet Lipgloss for females by Marcelinne

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Game update for 1.38

This game update includes the following changes:

Base Game

New decorative drainpipes, roof cornices, wall patterns, a bookcase, and neighborhood rock objects.
New Create a Sim controls for ears, nostrils, jaw, and skin color.
Updated collection journal to track collectables.
Online Feature Updates:

Send or receive a surprise gift box to/from your friends! It could contain anything from a chunk of Simoleons to a painting, or even a car!
Receive an Elixir from Supernatural players containing magical properties that will affect your Sim’s lives!

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The Socialite Career by rspn99

Here are the Job Level, Job Description, Time and Day of Work and Salary:

1. Outsider- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri/ -$10/hour/ 5pm-10pm
You are finally introduced to the "Social Circle". You are excited on what these classy socialites look like. But somehow you feel out of place and awkward, especially around the elite. You feel that you are invisible and you don't belong to this group of people. As an outsider, it is normal for you to feel this way especially now that you are just starting to know what the "Social Circle" is. But you are not giving up, mingling with these socialites might do the trick!

2. Newcomer- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri/ -$12/hour/ 6pm-11pm
Now that you are within the "Social Circle", you feel more confident than before. You are starting to learn the ropes around your job. As a newcomer, you need to build your social network. You have to introduce yourself to different people. It is your job to attend parties as much as you can. It is really crucial for a newcomer like you to widen your circle of friends to secure your position in the "Social Circle" and maybe become one of the elite.

3. Social Climber- Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat/ -$15/hour/ 6pm-11pm
Ouch! Being labeled a social climber is a bit harsh but you don't care! You make sure you know the name of every person in the room. You use your more slightly famous friends to get closer to the top. You need to improve your social skills and use them to make an impression to the people you will be meeting. So far so good, every strategy you use turn out to be really helpful, especially in raising your social status in the society. Does end justify the means? Well, we will see in the future.

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Shino&KCR's Clive Kitchen

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Default Skin by Samko2223 by samko2223

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Flower and Lace Flirty Dress by NyGirl

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Triptych Paintings by Mea

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EA store : Hair retexture fN°5 ''Clumsy Princess'' by Moka

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Blinds Glasses by Anita

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Shino&KCR's Kitchen Sophie - Colorstyle lightwood and darkwood

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Open Knit Sweater Dress by NyGirl

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Skysims Hair 046 for Females

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Open Knit Sweater Dress for Teens by NyGirl

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Dimples Slider by Julia

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Kitchen Decor by Dada

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Steve Penley's Artworks by Katsi

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New Sims by Queen Sims

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