September 20, 2009

Braces by daluved1 at MTS

Carnival Masks by Anubis360 at MTS - Both Genders

White-Out Contact Lenses by daluved1 at MTS

Drezella Relute by morganrae93 at MTS

Deus Ex series: Paul Denton by EsmeraldaF at MTS

Ziyi Zhang by harryishere at MTS

The Labyrinth by Bima276 at MTS

Laliberte Posters in Recolorable Frames

Updates at Icon

New Paintings at Missimis

Official E-petition to add more body & face morph sliders to TS3

I was hoping customization like this would show up in upcoming expansions, even though I swear the hair sliders were shown in one of the first (if not the first) trailers for The Sims 3. And let's not even get started on the "customize your Sim to look like anybody" you want. I was super-excited about that, but then, the game was released and it wasn't the case. After the excitement wore off (about two days) I ended up reinstalling The Sims 2 and played that until some custom hair, clothes, etc. started showing up. I know that has nothing to do with better customizing the facial and body structure of Sims but anyway....if you would like to sign this petition to better customize your Sims then sign the petition here.

Check out the level of customization in these two videos of EA's upcoming "All Points Bulletin" and be blown away.

Five Lady GaGa T-Shirts by v_ware

Colonial Windows - Counterheight by HugeLunatic at MTS

UPDATED - Hair Fashionista 2 by ulker at TSR - Fixed

Playful Teen Shoes

Download these now for teens by Playful at The Sims Resource.