November 12, 2013

Urban Industrial Set by Marcussims91

Toya's Gardening Station by David Montenegro

Diamond Pattern Set 01 by Peacemaker ic

Carnegie Library by Cutsocks

Base Game Compatible Midnight Hollow Hair - Newsea Born To Die - Nightcrawler 08 Retextures

Floor Mosaics by Noirndark

Anna Sui Suede Grommet Dress by Gergana

Royal Cinnamon Charm by Risastorm

Space Prints by Morrowsims

Embellished Plaid Wool Dress by ErysaM

New Wall Shelf with Artwork by 3simsinatub

Floral Patterns by Christine

The Savvier Seller Store Mod by ani

This mod is a test version
The reason I'm calling this a test version is because there are so many items in TS3 that require custom code for restocking and sometimes even buying and I know I have missed some. So until I'm sure I've covered all of them I'm calling this a test version

Before you install

- You do need the original set for this to work.
- You need university (uni didn't show up on the EP list when uploading this item here but you still need it)
- You need to be patched to the max
- I don't have ITF so selling any items from that EP is an experiment you have to make on your own.

Tutorial Video: here

- You can sell more than just buy mode objects
- Objects need to be restocked.
- Customer's will pay at the register
- I removed the check sales records because doesn't work the way EA coded it and thus make them invalid.

Read more and download

Villa Arlette by JarkaD