October 07, 2013

Jimmy Choo Strap Stiletto 3D Shoes by MrAntonieddu

Newsea Hideout Door Retextures by Beaverhausen

New Horses by Vermster

Stucco Patterns by Anulaa89

Radojka - 3br 2ba Modern by Farfallesims

New Outfit and Accessory by Qingshuang Boy

Nash Entry Set by Onyx Sims

The Nightmare Before Christmas Tutu Dress by MamyRocker

The Prairie by Loki

Thanks Bozena

Nightcrawler 02 Retexture by Serabiet

Why Wire Shelving Units by Annej

Glamour Chiffon Silk Gown by ErysaM

Little Mistress Dress by Ersel

Improved Gift Giving! by Spamaccount

Your Gift Pile can now come with items from multiple expansions!

This mod was made with patch 1.50, but since this code hasn't been significantly altered in the latter patches it will work fine with later versions. It absolutely requires Seasons, since without it you can't have the Gift Pile. It PROBABLY will not work if you don't have all the packs listed; the only reason I won't say it 100% won't work is because each object defines what expansion pack it needs to work, so it's possible the game will never give you an object you don't have. This mod is an edit of the GiftPileGifts XML resource from Seasons, and will conflict with any other mod that edits that resource.

Essentially, the list of gift pile items is divided into four categories: Age-specific gifts, Trait-specific gifts, Miscellaneous gifts, (and bad ones). Previously, there were ZERO Teen and Elder gifts and only a handful of Child ones; I've added a couple gifts for Elders and a lot more for Teens and Children (including some from Seasons...) I've also added enough gifts so that almost every trait has at least one gift associated with it. The World Adventures cultures traits even have their own larger sections for the foreign sims in your families. [See First Post in the Comment Section for a list of gifts]

Read more and download at

Emily Bedroom Set Fixed by Christine

Cockroach Mouth Accessory by JuBa_0oº

Natural Eyes by Alga

Gloves by JenniSims