September 28, 2013

T-Strap Heels by Pixicat

Everything Island 2 by Ruth Kay

Hillcrest Cove by Peacemaker ic

Skysims 148 Hair for Females

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Premium Microwave Oven by Mirel

New Lots by Ruth Kay

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Replant Interaction by Douglasveiga

COMPATIBLE: BASEGAME patch v1.55 ~ v1.57

With the Replant Interaction you will easily replace the dead or low quality plant by the best quality one available, because this Interaction will let you dispose the target plant and automatically replant it using the best Seed available inside the Fridge or Sim's Inventory. This way, you don't need to manually perform all these tedious tasks anymore.

- The Interaction will always pick the best Seed available for Replant, but won't let you Replant it if the Seed decrease the Plant's Quality;

Available Interactions:
- About;
- Replant.

Known Issues:
- If you queue several instances of this Interaction, it will always pick the same Seed, but won't let you plant it multiple times.
- You can't replant DeathFlowerBush or ForbiddenFruitTree.

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Small Ranch House by Amanda

Bohemian Rhapsody Rug Set by Annej

Pop Leggings for Girls by UrbanSimBoutique

Nike Speedo by Bill Sims