August 14, 2014

4 cow breeds [UPDATE: fixed CC list for the Texas Longhorn!] by ArgentusMonoceros

Skysims 231 Hair for Females

Swimwear for Teens by Kijiko

[TS4 → TS3] Medium Curly Hair by Shokoninio

Vending Machine Tweaks by icarus_allsorts

FF13 Sci-Fi Set by Murfeelee

Eyebrows by Wundersims

All Into the Future Maternity Enabled Clothing Defaults by OneEuroMutt

Silent Hill 3 Burn, Witch! Burn! Painting by Armidi

Accessory/Tattoo - Blood Prison Seal by CSitaly

Pop!! Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat Wall Art by Corduroysunglasses

Wedding Bouquet by Tankuz

All Ambitions Clothing Maternity Enabled Defaults by OneEuroMutt

Pretty Lady Earrings (for toddlers) by Quianna

Repurposed Beach Art by Pixeljackpot

Comica Obscura Posters by Corduroysunglasses