March 11, 2013

Raon Male Hair 16 Edit/Retexture for Males & Females by Rusty Nail

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Shadow Is My Second Skin Set for Males by Meronin

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Thanks Pentameter :)

Four Belgian Shepherds by PharaohHound

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Jack Frost Hoodie by Shokoninio

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Louis Vuitton Peep Toe Shoes by MrAntonieddu

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University Life Dreads for Females (Teen-Elder) by Bronwynn

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Stella Clothing Set by Irida Sims

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Newsea Badger Retexture by Bring Me Victory

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Lynsey Tile Bathroom Walls by Christine

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SkySims Hair 092 Retextures by Beaverhausen

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10 Apprenticeships for your Teenage Sims! by missyhissy

So University Life is here and lots of Young Adult, Adult and even Elder Sims are living it up at Uni!
But not every Sim can afford to go to Uni. So I have provided a solution for those ambitious teenagers who may not be able to live the University Life, but who still want a further education.

So here, I present you, ten Apprenticeships!
Construction Building
Hospitality and Catering
Learning and Development
Music Business
Property Services
Sporting Excellence
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
Veterinary Nursing

Now, these Apprenticeships are, essentially, part-time teen careers. Your teens can go and apply at the associated rabbit-hole building and land themselves a three-level apprenticeship. They will earn money each day and will work from 4pm-7pm, Monday to Friday.
Each apprenticeship has three levels and each have two or three custom tones to build skills or improve career performance. Once your teen is promoted to Level 3, they will receive a reward certificate in their Family Inventory to put up on the wall to show off their achievements. As an additional bonus, when your teen ages up to Young Adult, when they apply for the connecting career, they’ll start at a higher level!
Each Apprenticeship has its own custom uniform. There are, currently, no opportunities. It's challenging enough getting the teens to complete homework and build up the required skills, without throwing extra opportunities into the equation!

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

TotodileDash Animal Hats by Cyclo_Tripz

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