September 06, 2014

Kewai-Dou Levi Hair - Shaved Version for Males & Females

Sims 3 Speed Limit Car Mod by Simsl3gacies

In honor of Sims 4 not having cars, I thought I’d sweeten the Sims 3 car experience a bit. I love the open world, and I love cars, and not having to run into a loading screen everywhere I go…but sometimes it takes a long time to get to where I’m wanting my pixel dollies to go. There are some sweet and Swift rides, but most are slow, and it really should not take over an hour to get from one side of Twinbrook to the other.

In the United States where I live, drivers are generally expected to stay within a certain range of speed (whether it works out that way or not is neither here nor there), so I thought it would be nice to approximate the speed limit, so that all cars drive at about the same speed. C’mon, we’ve all seen Big Lemons hauling ass down the interstate, and there’s no reason for Extravagators to be running down hapless taxis.

Thus, this mod accomplishes two things: it holds cars to the same speed, which in the process gives a significant speed boost to most cars. It also greatly decreases instances of cars running through each other.

This mod has two flavors for your gas pedal: Ultra, and Fast.

Ultra speed matches all cars to the speeds of the fastest vehicles in the game. Which is really fast, just to warn you. So fast that, if you’re following your sim around, you may notice the game doesn’t even have time to render some buildings as you pass. On the bright side, your sim will never be late for work again.

The Fast version is still pretty speedy, but is a tad more realistic. When testing with the taxi, travel time was decreased 50%. This does hold the fastest cars to the new ‘speed limit’, but translates to an increased speed for most of the game’s cars.

This includes tuning for reward vehicles, service vehicles, carpools, and store vehicles such as the Fords, Renaults, and past promo vehicles. This mod should also work for custom cars, presuming they are cloned from any of the game’s cars. If you do find that I’ve missed a certain car, please let me know so that I can include it.

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