September 23, 2014

Nightcrawler 26 Hair for Females

Casual Hats for Males & Females by Hellohowlow

Arched Lips Slider by Centaurisundown

Thanks Sims Cave

Trotter Cottage Makeover by Blissfully24

Fran from Final Fantasy XII by JuBa_0oº

3 Animal Conversions - With Goats! by Murfeelee

Leaf Wall Set by Plumbobdollhouse

Mechanics Decor by Misaki

Thanks Sims Cave

Zauma Minzy Retextures by Beaverhausen

Jeggings by Mademoiselle Barbara

Feely Cup by Ydhan

ShinoKCR's French Quarter Kitchen

Fairy Pavilon Set by Ladesire

Cael by Sectumsimpra

Nerd Games Unrestricted (PC|Console) by RyanEsau

Hey everyone, I come today with a new mod, this is based off of BloodyScholastic's 'Nerd Group Only Computer Games'. I found this mod useful, but I don't always use the computer so here's a PC & Console Version I made and decided to share amongst the MTS Community.

This mod modifies values in the Computer+PlayComputerGames &TV XML. (As well as TV+PlayVideoGameSystemOnTVOnline / VideoGameSystemBase+PlayVideoGameSystemOnline if you choose the Online Version)

Should be compatible with any mods modifying these files so long as they are not modifying the same values.

University Life is required for this mod.

Maternity Enabled Store Clothing by Gowiththeflowxx

MJ95's Madlen Astra Shoes