July 20, 2012

New Set at The Sims 3 Store

Le Cirque Celebration!

Come one, come all! Step right up and prepare to be amazed! From furniture to attire, this set has everything you’ll need to take center stage for Le Cirque Celebration!

Vertigo Bedroom Set by Simcredible Designs

Download at Simcredible Designs

Newsea Lullaby Retextures by Metalmoose

Download at Metalmoose's Blog

Other versions

[In Testing]Resources for Starlight Shores.world's various Fixes by ellacharm3d

What is this?
As Showtime introduced a new world, and similar to the other worlds' fixes that I had done, here's the fixes for Starlight Shores.

What has been done?
As explained in the Game Help:World Routing Lagswiki,
the yellow spots (in the "Dotted" image) denote areas where the disjointed white routing lines, Sim non-routable and Camera non-routable painting have been repainted over. In the pictures below these spots are shown with Yellow dots.

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

I’m With the Boy-Band TS3 Store Hair Retexture by Hellfrozeover

Download at Ice-Cream for Breakfast

4 Improved Australian Shepherds by NumberEi8ht

Download at Mod The Sims

Stackable Crates by SeeMyu

Download at Mod The Sims

Street Boots by Chris Jocker

Download at Jocker Sims 3

Can't Take My Eyes Off You Contacts by Veritas

Download at Garden of Shadows

The Washboard Laundromat by Lily May Rose

Download at Lily's Sim Antics

Batik - 3 Pattern Batik Pattern Set by Gerald_Sim_

Download at Mod The Sims

Graceful Earrings by Milina

Download at Milina Sims

New Clothing for Adult Females by AMS

Download at Living The Life Sims 3

Matilda Turner by Aphrodite

Download at Aphrodite

Take A Bow Pose Pack (Horse and Sim poses) by k2m1too

Download at Mod The Sims