September 15, 2012

Apple's 'Victoria' Greenhouse

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20 Minimalist Doctor Who Posters by BlindingEchoes

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Tan Lines Just in Time for Seasons by sciguy77

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Cyclonesue's Castle Lore I - Walls and Towers

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Turret Base with Window

Silent Hill Movie Posters by SinKitty

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Newsea Only You Hairstyle

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New Mods at Mod The Sims

Resources for Moonlight's various Fixes by ellacharmed - The routing resources for Moonlight Falls, the world in Supernatural. With optional Intersections.

Lower/Higher Lifetime Reward Prices 1.38 by ellacharmed - A remake of an outdated version by werismyki made compatible with patch 1.38...

SN Pedestal Recatagoriser by Menaceman44 - A file to move the Supernatural pedestals from Misc. Decor to Displays.

Supernatural Pictures Do Not Become Scary/Ugly At Night by Personcalledjoy - Default override for the changing pictures. Includes overrides for MoonlightFallsObjectCache to ensure no surprises.

Faster Drafting Table Sketches & Paintings by gesimz - Produce Fashion Sketches, Architectural Sketches & Paintings faster on the Ambitions Drafting Table.

Celtic Fleur De Lis Tattoo! by blissful_sims

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Lower Inventing Challenges by BlindingEchoes

This allows you to feasibly complete all the challenges while allowing your sims to live normally, instead of being attached to the work bench 24/7. I changed nothing with the Ultimate Invention challenge, since that was pretty easy to begin with.

Download at BlindingEchoes

Runa Jenkins by Sarah

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Skyrim Scenery Paintings by SinKitty

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Canadian Flags by BlindingEchoes

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Skyrim Posters by SinKitty

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JS SIMS 3 Boy London Tee With Sweater Jacket

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Egyptian Ankh Necklace for Males and Females by Severinka

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Amor Davis by Shock & Shame

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Nebulas Hideout by Water Woman

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I'm Not Heating Up! Vampires Can Walk In The Sun! by missyhissy

This mod is more aimed at the Simmers who have Late Night, love their Vampires, but who aren't buying Supernatural.

Well no more!

This mod edits the HeatingUp and TooMuchSun moodlets to allow your beloved Vamps to walk around during the day and not start smoking and eventually passing out. Now your Vampires can have some fun in the sun like everyone else!
You can use this mod with Supernatural if you don't want to use any of the methods available in that EP.

Read more and download at Mod The Sims

Gucci by Puma

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