July 03, 2013

Sims Medieval Arches Converted by Rose

Butterflysims 86 Hair for Females


New Set at The Sims 3 Store

So some of us are going to hang out in the loft and write some poetry. You could come along. Or not. It doesn’t really matter. We just thought that since it’s a pretty cool industrial loft, with lots of lofty things, that it might be cool and not at all pretentious. By the way, check out our cool new clothes and hairstyles. They're cool, huh?

New Hair Retextures by Sunpi

Other versions

Salvador Dali Mustache by necrodog

Adopt An Insane! - Sims by Moonskin93

Cat Ears Headband by Theblue142

Female Graphic Blazers by Crae

Crowns by JenniSims

The Coffee Bean Hipster Loft Collection

Lover Dress by Irida Sims

Leather Jacket by Steffor

New Hair Retextures by ChazyBazzy

Other versions

EP10LimitedSET Collection

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