April 29, 2014

Darko 02 Hair for Females

Garden Cottage by Ruth Kay

New Bedroom Set by Mango Sims

Nightcrawler 20 Hair for Females

Victorian Roof Decoration by Happylifesims

Nightcrawler Hair Shaved by Joe Retextures by Beaverhausen

Street Art is Fun! by othiym28

Whether you're just some punk with a can of spray paint vandalising your neighborhood, or a person of legitimate talent who chooses this medium of self-expression, street art is fun. I consider the hours of my life spent wielding a can of spray paint some of the best in my life.

But for whatever reason, the developers working on the Street Art skill for UL apparently didn't feel the same, and even though they made this great skill, it's not fun for the sims. I made a quick tuning mod to fix this for my increasing number of street artist sims. I hope some of you find this useful, too.

There are two flavors of this mod; only use one in your game. The first version I made adds a fun increase that is slightly higher than painting at an easel. Unless you tend to queue up several street art projects at once for your sims, that gain might seem a bit conservative, so the second version of this mod doubles the fun increase.

I also added motive advertisement for sims with the Rebellious trait to both versions. The interaction already advertises to sims with the Daredevil, Artistic or Can't Stand Art traits. Rebellious seemed like another logical trait for the interaction to appeal to.

This is a tuning mod that alters the Start_GraffitiSurface and Continue_GraffitiSurface ITUNs and will conflict with any mods that affect those files. Made with patch 1.67 and requires the University Life expansion, which introduced the Street Art skill.

Fisherman's Cottage by JarkaD

Wedding Dress 28 & Bouquet by BEO

Resized Newsea Hair by ReMaron

Fallen Angel Tattoo by Simutation

Sintiklia Tea Rose Hair for Females

Bayou Bathroom Set by Souris

Collette by Calista

Kewai-Dou Sangrose Hair for Toddler & Children

Abandoned Streetcar by Fakepeoplefakehouses

Double Layer Wrap Dress by NyGirl