January 15, 2010

Decorative Wheel for Caravan or Trailer by Samelo22

Download at Crea Sims 3

Testers Wanted - Sims 3 Dashboard tool by Delphy

Download at Mod The Sims

It's basically designed to let people easily clear the cache and identify problem content.

This tool has 3 main tasks:

- To easily show you which games you have, whether or not they have a full framework, and to browse to that games root folder.
- To show you the contents of the Sims 3 cache files, and clear them
- To show you all of your custom content in .package format, and display any "corrupted" files, or Sims 2 content, or stuff that just plain wont work.

(Brows) Gamma & Delta by Helaene

Download at Helaene

Texture - Pattern Patchwork by annej

Download at Sims Must Have

Artist's Workshop at Around The Sims

Download at Around The Sims

The Artist´s House by Smokvica

Download at Sims 3 Home Sweet Home

Framed Wall Window by dgandy

Download at The Sims Resource - Free

Swiss Alps World by Vynka

Download at Khany Sims

Vibrant Eyes by theonlyonetwo

Download these contacts at Mod The Sims