October 15, 2009

16 Terrain Paints by jllucas

Download at Mod The Sims

Creeping Ivy by lemoncandy

Download at Mod The Sims

New Donation Set at Stylist Sims

There's a new donation set at Stylist Sims. Set includes 1 female hair, 3 male outfits and 5 female outfits.

Handbag Recolor by Infusorian

This is a preview for now, so check back at Infusorian's blog for an update.

Cup Set Conversion by Infusorian

Download at Infusorian's Blog

New Free Hair at Newsea

Download this for both genders and all ages at Newsea


File names:


Dirty, Bloody, Bruised Hands by Newone08

Download at The Rejected

Aila Windsee - New Elf Sim by Oepu

Download at Oepu's Sims Downloads

Rusty Metal Patterns by Frozen Star

Download at Garden Of Shadows