June 10, 2011

NewSea's BabyFace Female Hairstyle ~ Pooklet'd for all ages by Anubis360

Download at Anubis Under The Sun

Other versions - Newsea - Required or Metalmoose

File names:

Music Festival Set and New Sim by Sandy

Download at Around The Sims

The Inorganic Set by SR

Set includes: End Table, Coffee Table, Desk, Dining Table, Chair, Plant and a Shelf.

Download at SR's Deep Thoughts

New Decor by Clio

Download at Clio Sims 3

Camryn Watts by Liz

Download at Tasty Pudding

New Lots at Mod The Sims

Modern Dark Villa - Bridgeport edition by Sierra221

Green Suburban House - No CC, SP, or Store Content Required by BenC0722

Log Cabin - No CC, SP, or Store Content Required by BenC0722

Glass Pyramid residential version by whoden

Australian Suburbia: 70s Family Home by Beefysim1

The Swimming Treadmill Fitness Centre by lewjen

Meteor Aftermath Junkyard by Simul8rReviews

Generations Game Guide by Sims VIP


Body Hair

In CAS, you can now choose to give those Male Sims some body hair. Sorry ladies, no hair for you! :P

Torso: Upper Chest & Stomach

Back: Upper Back, Lower Back & Full Back

Arms: Hands to Elbow Crease.

Legs: Thighs, Calves, Feet

The colors for all these different sections cannot be different. They will all be the same color you choose the body hair to be.

Full Guide at Sims VIP

Thanks, Vicki:)

New Lipgloss by Precious Sims

Download at Precious Sims