May 12, 2013

Evansdale University and Student Union by My Sim Realty

Here is another option for your world if your sims do not wish to leave their world to attend University.  Welcome to Evansdale University - a stately educational facility with a picnic gazebo, computer lab and a coffee shop / rec area.  At this time it replaces the Festival lot in the city, located at 21 Primrose Parkway.  This lot has all University rabbitholes.  Each rug has been colored to blend in to the floor.  This lot was built for Evansdale County. 

Wall Flags by Doobyzession

Kativip’s LS Walls/Floors Conversions by Faellu

Coolsims Hair 94 Retexture and Chop by Nigalkins

Ada Wong's Necklace by Eternila

Portal Turrets by Everlasting Garden

Serah Posepack (Final Fantasy XIII-2) by Mimoto

Container Stacks by MacTheKat

New Patterns by The Simming Dead

Posters by Keelynkee

Mother's Pose by Mi-Shil

Slimline Radio by Fanny