March 18, 2010

Ducks, Swans, Farm Animals and More by rebecah

I obviously missed the farm animals and unicorns while I was gone:)

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Magic Crystal Ball with Stand, recolorable by Nukael

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Glowing Eyes for Men and Women, Teen to Elder by EsmeraldaF

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Kubico Kitchen/Living/Dining Room Set by lfgomar

You can find the living room here and the rest here on page 2.

Thanks, Arantxa:)

Paintings: Collection June Leeloo

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Sims 3 Custom Career: Show Business by Lily__XD

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1. Directors Chair Carrier
- Just because you're in Show Business don't expect all glitz and glamour! Your job is to carry the directors chair. Keep it safe. Be reliable. Maybe crack a joke or too. Everyone is counting on you to keep the Director comfortable, impress them and you might just get on camera.

2. Extra
- The Director must've noticed some of those witty jokes you were cracking because he's decided the public will love you! Okay, so it's not a big roll, but being in the backgrounds only a couple of steps away from being in the foreground.

3. Body Double
- Finally some actual screen time. Admitedly it'll probably be of the back of you head, or maybe your butt, but with a bit of luck nobody will ever know it was you. Get your abbs in shape, you'll definitely need them, plus major hotness is a crucial factor if you want to make it far in the world of Show Business.

4. Man With Line
- Congratulations! You've made it to a speaking part. Right now your options are wide open. You could be playing anything from a happy go lucky pre-school teacher to the elusive man at the end of the bar. Be sure to dazzle the audience with your witty, if infrequent, appearences and soon you might even get a name!

5. Comercial Actor
- Sell, Sell, Sell! Your time on TV is now devoted to getting rid of them products. Clear out the stocks with your quick tounge and impress the public with your dazzling smile to wangle yourself a place in one of the shows.

6. Cheesy Kids Show Presenter
- Kids today are pretty lazy but they're providing you with a great job. You are now regarded as the lowest of the low within the acting community, something of a joke, but don't worry everyones been there. Getting as many actors as you can on your side might be a good idea. Meanwhile you must keep the little ones entertained, creativity is essential. Let's just hope you can stick out the hours of boring cartoons!

7. Soap Star
-Your really hitting the big time now! Regular appearences on TV, an actual character to play and maybe even a few fans. You're job is pretty straight forward: read the script and follow the directions, but lets see if you can't give your character the spark he needs. From here on out it's all about popularity. Win over your Co-Stars and soon the public will be under your thrall aswell...

8. Broadway Star
-Off of the Screen and onto the stage. Your in Broadway Baby! Singing, dancing and roll-playing are top of your to-do list. Dig deep and bring out the star in yourself to inspire your fans. It's only with their backing that you'll get onto the big screen!

9. Movie Lead
- You've hit the big screen! Your time to shine has finally come. You're fan base is growing and people are expecting big things from you. Block-buster releases, movie premiers and news interviews await you now your becoming more well known. Your abbs of steel will keep the ladies on your side but be sure to keep working at your sharp tongue for your man fans.

10. Hollywood Legend
- Every sims, everywhere recognises your face. You have a series of best-selling movies under your belt. You are the idol of many, in a place only few have made it to. Successions of new movies await you, and with you in their cast they're sure to do well. Directors fight over you and your the face of a zillion products. It's safe to say you've got what you came for. You're finally Famous!

Pictures: Miss Tigri Canvas Collection

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The Gamer Career! by ElliotDX

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1) Card Tournament Attendee - Days off: Mon, Fri. 10:00-16:00. $38 p/h (per hour)
You're playing the cards, whether Pokèmon, Yu-Gi-Oh or some dinosaur game. Enter the tournaments and use your fifteen-hundred attack power to kick your opponent sims' butts!

2) Gaming Tournament Champion - Days off: Wed, Sat. 09:00-16:00. $44 p/h
Be it at Call of Duty, Pokèmon or "Imagine: Teacher", you are a gaming ace. Every Sim fears you as you step into the tournament room. Some insult you from the window, for being a 'nerd'. They're just jealous, promise.

3) Video Game Tester - Days Off: Mon, Tues. 15:00-21:00. $50 p/h
This is where it the money comes in. You're finally being paid to PLAY video games. No tournaments, the real damn thing. Enjoy playing your Call of Duty, Brain Training or whatever it is you sims do with this opportunity.

4) Official Simtendo Magazine Reviewer - Days Off: Mon, Sat. 09:00-16:00. $76 p/h
Better work on that writing skill, because you've been hired as one of the OFFICIAL Simtendo Magazine's few reviewers! It's your job to tell readers which games are hot, which are not, and which games just really, shouldn't have been made.

5) Concept Artist - Days Off: Tues, Sat. 13:00-19:30. $97 p/h
Designing characters, worlds, enemies and whatever else for games is your job. Better get to work, who knows, maybe you'll get to crush your creation in the next game.

6) Graphics Editor - Days Off: Tues, Thurs. 14:00-20:00. $126 p/h
From designing to creating, you're now creating C.A.D to plop straight into the game. Concept Artists send in the ideas, you design them and poof! They're ready for play-testing.[I]

7) Quality Controller - [i]Days Off: Mon, Wed, Sun. 13:00-19:00. $151 p/h
Eight bit. Sixteen Bit. Get familiar with these because you're a Quality Controller! You have to make sure everything is the same with no flaws whatsoever.

8) Video Game Designer - Days Off: Weekend. 10:00-17:00. $189 p/h.
You design the games. The new hits on the market are genius ideas thought up by you. You brought back The Urbz at a whole new level. Next stop: Simic the Hedgehog really needs to be improved lately.

9) Video Game Programmer - Days Off: Mon, Tues, Fri. 14:00-21:00. $236 p/h.
You use your amazing programming skills to create the gameplay. This is a job so highly complex you can scarely imagine anyone else trying to attempt it. This is the hardest part of game development. Good Luck!

10) Head of Simtendo - Days Off: Weekend. 10:00-18:00. $383 p/h.
[I]You're the big shot. You're the head of Simtendo, Simland's greatest gaming company. All ideas must be submitted to you, and you get to play test anything if you so feel like it. Though it's not all fun and games, even if it is the Gamer Career.

Princesses of the World Paintings by My Sim-Style

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Newsea NaNa Female Hairstyle by NewSea

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Emilio Pucci Dress by Cyril.K

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New Chair at Shymoo

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Bathroom Vintage 2 by Pilar

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M&G and AL Mansard Roof Conversions and Patterns by Goggalar

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