November 15, 2012

Miss Muffin" - Comfy Jumpsuit by Elexis

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Newsea Hedonism Hair for Females

Download at Newsea Sims - Donation

All ages

Mere - New World by Jana

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Puddle Ducky Boots for Toddlers by Traelia

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New Lot and Objects at The Sims 3 Store

Stones Throw Greenhouse

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With the Stones Throw Greenhouse, you're sure to have the best harvest in years! The included furniture and clothing will get you in the right mindset for the cooler weather, and with the new greenhouse, you'll be able to grow excellent crops in a fraction of the time! Use your newfound leisure time to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labors.

Sale ends: 01/01/13
1,900 SimPoints
1,700 SimPoints

Cute Sheep by Mimoto

Download at BlackBerryCake

7 Supernatural Shirts - Base Game Compatible by Frani721

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Necklaces are for squares - fixed EA clothes by Hillary

Download at Garden of Shadows

Cyclonesue's Garden Junk

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ButterflySims Hair 061 for Females

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All ages

Emporio Armani Pumps by MrAntonieddu

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Skysims Hair 065 for Females

Download at The Sims Resource - Subscriber only

New Clothing, Paintings and Patterns by Nadiah

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New Swimsuit for Females by Amylet

Download at La Caverne d'Amy Baba

Joyful Girl's TS3 Large Square Painting

Download at Joyful Girl's Sims Stuff