May 08, 2013

New Eyebrows by Sage

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Destroyed Denim Skirt! With and Without Suspenders! by Wiktoria von Frege


New Rugs by Faellu

Tomislaw Maternity Outfit Nora


Newsea Passenger Hair for Females

Asylum Elements - 15 NEW Meshes by Toxic Barbye

DragonMandy Eyes Mega-Pack PART 2 by Faellu

Multiple Birth Tuning Mod UPDATED FOR 1.50 by BlakeS5678

Note: If you want to have quadruplets the latest version of Twallan's "Woohooer" mod will include that. You can find it at NRass industries.

What this mod does.

This mod alters the chances of having multiples in The Sims 3. I do realize there are other mods exactly like this but, they're all outdated.

Why?/Cheesy Backstory

I created this mod simply because it bothered me how ridiculously low the chances of having multiples were. I think four years of playing TS3 I had twins once. I created this mod because I felt like that all multiple pregnancies were forced one way or another. When creating this mod I made other variations, because others might like multiples a lot more/less than I do.

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Halter Maxi Dress for Teen by NyGirl

New Rugs by Mabra

Snake Cuff Earring by DarkNight

One Direction Sims by The Sims 3 Journal

Bathroom Rugs by Zuckerhase

New Dress and Shoes by Irida Sims

Skysims 010 Hair Retexture by ChazyBazzy

Claire Redfield by Mimoto

Billabong Langton T-Shirt by David Veiga

Antony Starr by k2m1too (K2)

New Things at Janas Creatives

New Dress by Butterflysims