April 30, 2011

Men's Gothic Accessories by Lemon Leaf

Download at LL's Sims 3 Cafe

Pose Set 5 - Kiss Me by Pammie

Download at Studio Star Girls

Thanks, Jin-Ah

New Clothing for Elder Females by Tomislaw

At The Sims Resource - Free

DressFit01#02 [Elder]

DressFit01 [Elder]

DressFit01#02 [Elder]

UPDATE - Faux Hawk Converted for Adult Males by Jasumi

Download at Jasumi's Blog

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UPDATE - 4/30
 I somehow managed to upload the WRONG file. It should be fixed now.

Spring Caprice Living Room Set by Canelline

Download at Canelline's Blog

Gladiolus Bathroom Set by Ronja

Download at Simenapule

Subway Part-Time Career by Gurra09

Download at Mod The Sims

Casino Theme Part 2 by Simalia

set includes:  Dice, Table, Chair, 2 Paintings, and 1 Pattern

Download at Stuff for Sims 3

TeenFashion by Kiara24

Download at Mod The Sims

Boy’s Company81 Graphic Ts by KiaraRawks

Download at Mod The Sims