October 25, 2009

Medieval Replacement Careers by Inga

Download default replacement careers at Simverses. There's also residential lots and community lots. The church has a mod that changes the "go to the gallery" option to "go to the church" instead.

Lovecraft & Sunburst Body Tats by GillianIvy

Download at The Rejected

Minimalist Bedroom Set at Sims 3D

Download this bedroom set at Sims 3D

More Clutter by Infusorian

Download these decorative conversions at Infusorian's blog

Tulip interlude & Paris

Download these paintings at Desdren Sims 3 Paintings

A Few Things from Baraques A simS

Download this and more at Baraques A simS

White Brick Stairs by Weate182

Download at The Sims Resource

Nursery Art by CarpeDiem

Download at The Sims Resource