September 08, 2010

Fast Lane Stuff load screen Replacement and Tutorial by Shivar

Download at Fuzzy Logic Dishwasher

This is a simple replacement. If FAST LANE STUFF is installed, and no newer expansions/packs are installed, it will replace the load screen with the Base Game load screen.

Keep Calm and Carry On Posters by fashionista125

Download at Fashionista's Sim Adventures

Requested flags by Lisen801

Download at Mod The Sims

Lolita Maid Uniform Ⅱ for Teen - Elder Females by Lemon Leaf

Download at Lemon Leaf's Sims Cafe

Bathroom Decor by Sims Tree

Download at Sims Tree

Paintings by Mabra

Download at Arte della Vita

Santa Clara Living Set by Lfgomar

Download at My Sims concept

Anto 77 Retexture by Robodl95

Download at Mod The Sims

File name:  Robodl95_Anto77

Savio's version here

Castle Three Rocks by Moni

Download at Arda

Default Eye Replacements. by shadowwolf5889

Download at Mod The Sims

The Sims 3 Late Night (3 new screens)

A few Late Night shots from GameSpot, there's one more at GameSpot or SimPrograms.  There's also some Fast Lane shots here.

Thanks via SimPrograms:)

Gas Station Set by Lfgomar

Download at My Sims Concept

The Subway set was posted a while ago, in case you missed it:)

Lots by JARKAD

Download at JarkaD Sims3 blog

Thanks, via Loverdag:)