May 02, 2014

Cazy Liz Hair for Females

Toddler's Walkers - Vehicles by Sandy

Versace Spring-Summer 2014 Sandals

Newsea Crescent Hair for Females

Flowery Cottage

Nico Robin Hair for Females by PauleanR

Deliciously Indulgent Bakery - More Interactions by douglasveiga

 This mod requires the "Deliciously Indulgent Bakery" Store Set.

This mod will add four new interactions, to the "Baker's Station", to help you micromanage your Bakery.

Bake Many : This Interaction will make your Sim bake random recipes, as many as possible, until get bored or tired. Also, all the baked goods will be automatically stored on the nearest 'Bakery Display' with enough free slots.
Sort All Displays : This Interaction will automatically sort all the baked goods from the 'Bakery Display', by type.
Dispose All Spoiled Foods : This Interaction will automatically dispose all the spoiled goods from the 'Bakery Display'.
Dispose All Foods : This Interaction will automatically dispose all the baked goods from the 'Bakery Displays'.

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Kewai-Dou Masquerade Hair for Males & Females

Jomsims' Lucia Fery Nursery

The Now & Then Century Manor

Take a stroll through history with the stunning architecture of The Now & Then Century Manor. This breathtaking mansion shows the grandeur of Second Empire design in all of its colonial glory and again as it stands against the rigors of time.

Denim Skinny Overalls and Bodysuit by Gergana

Nightcrawler 19 Braided by Electraheartsims

Kitchen Art by Francythatsims

Hickeys by ILTS

All-in-One Bathroom: (Self-)Cleaning and Routing Away Tweaks by othiym28

The All-in-One bathroom is very close to being a perfect item; the efficiency of time and space is great for larger and busier sim families. Still, there are a few features of the All-in-One that I thought could do with some tweaking, to bring it more in line with the rest of the game's higher-end plumbing items. Once again, my fumbling around in S3PE resulted in a tuning mod that I hope will be useful to a lot of you.

The first change is the rate at which the All-in-One gets dirty. Unmodded, it's on par with the cheapest toilet and shower in the game, and needs cleaning fairly often (after every 5 uses, assuming the sim has no modifying traits). For the money your sims are spending on this item, it should be more like the other expensive plumbing. This mod reduces how dirty the All-in-One gets on a per-use basis. Without either of the modifying traits of Neat or Slob, your sims can use the All-in-One 9 times before it needs cleaning.

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V Neck Lace Overlay Dress for Teen & Adult Females by NyGirl

MJ95's Madlen Rebecca Shoes

Lolita Dress by MF Sims

Dresses by Irida Sims

Kissable Trikini by Saratella

Patterns by MissPepe92

Waiting Poses by lenina_90