December 03, 2012

Winter Glaze ~ Outerwear Coat for Teen-to-Adult by Anubis360

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Christmas Gift Part 2 (Purses and Tote Bags as Storages) by NewOne

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Default Horse Eyes by corapntr

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Molly - Dress with Coat by Juliana

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DarkoSIMS3 Cuteness AF Dress

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Slipping Into Obscurity: Drifters End Prints by WOE

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New Bedding by ClauSims

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Gothic Prayer Clothing, Boots and Leggings Set by Bukovka

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Cole's Place by Bry

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Logic Toy Puzzle for Toddlers by Sandy

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Navy JAG Corps Career by crdroxxpl

EP Compatible with patch 1.42
No Opportunities or Career Wild Cards
Join JAG Corps at Military Base

The Judge Advocate General Corps serves primarily as legal advisors to the command to of the Navy. In this function, they can also serve as the personal legal advisor to their commander. Their advice may cover a wide range of issues dealing with administrative law, government contracting, civilian and military personnel law, law of war and international relations, and other legal concerns. They also serve as prosecutors for the military when conducting courts-martial. Navy Lawyers in the JAG Corps are charged with both the defense and prosecution of military law as provided in the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Highly experienced officers of the JAG Corps often serve as military judges in courts-martial and courts of inquiry. Are you ready to defend the Navy and make a name for yourself?

 Do Boss's Paperwork - Work Hard
 Read the news at your desk - Take it easy
 Hold Case Conferences - Meet your co-workers
 Discuss Legal Strategy - Get to know co-workers
 Study Case Law - Improve Logic

1) Staff Clerk
Every case begins with case law, and you are searching and scouring for case files that your superior officers ask for. Organizational skills, knowledge of military regulations, and good relationships with your co-workers will get you noticed.
08:00 - 4:00

2) Naval Legal Counsel Receptionist
Someone has to man the phones and arrange the schedule of the Navy Lawyers. Your main task is to calm clients down and make sure they are scheduled to meet with their representation before courts-marshal and other proceedings.
08:00 - 4:00

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Guitar Necklace by Dasha Kirilova

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UPDATED for Seasons Champions by aa6x7

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The Rising East - Fusion Lounge by Michael Clancy

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