May 24, 2014

Nightcrawler 21 Hair for Females

Newsea Cameron Hair for Females

Erdem Dress by Rusty Nail

Butterflysims Edit/Retextures by Nigalkins

Eastwick Estate by HeavenSims

Newsea Hedonism Retexture by Julykapo

Pet Bladder Tweaks by mikey

While testing traits for pets and watching what they do autonomously, I've been bothered that even neat pets pee indoors and the frequency it happens is a bit annoying. Occasionally sims react and/or do something about it, but in my experience they dont. I've also been bothered that you can't direct a pet to pee until the bladder level reaches -40 or about 25% on the motive. I have used the mod by Shimrod in the past, but his mod sets the level at 0 or 50% of the motive, while the Bladder motive is -100 to 100.

The Changes
I have made threechanges:
Changed the motive level for the "Pee Here" interaction from -40 (default) to 95
Changed the indoors autonomous Bladder Relief advertisement from 200 to -1000
Changed the outdoors autonomous Bladder Relief advertisement from 200 to 1000

Newsea Erena Retextures by Beaverhausen

Pralinesims' Sugar Princess Eyeshadow

Underworld Wallpaper, Patterns and Terrain Paints by Nowa2000

Hair Retextures by Juniellie

Apartments by Hannes16

Nightcrawler 21 Retexture by Pixelswirl

New Hair for Females by Death

Celtic Motives by Ladesire

Hair Retextures by LemonKixxy