April 12, 2013

Sim State Prison by Jimbo

Download at Sims Urbania

The Soho by Kementari

Download at SIMplicity

TSM Blacksmith Forge and Beer Cask by Rose

Download at Victorian & Medieval Sims Creations

CoolSims 105 Retexture by Pixelated Zombies

Download at Pixelated Zombies

Other versions

Rat-a-tat Posters by Sugarweregoingsimming

Download at Sugarweregoingsimming

Last Girl on Earth Eyeliner by Moka

Download at Frenchy & Stupid Sim

More Eyes by Brnt Waffles

Download at Let Them Eat Burnt Waffles

Ultra Modern Refrigerator by Mirel

Download at 4Sims

Arboretum and Day Spa Recolors by Nyx

Download at Odds & Ends

5 More Eye Contacts by Rosa

Download at People Without Brains

Hexa! Nerd Shop by DavidMontenegro

Download at David Montenegro

Random Books Stack by CheeseSoupAndSims

Download at CheeseSoupAndSims

New Hat by Tankuz

Download at Tankuz Sims 3

New Masks by Irink@a

Download at Irink@a