December 12, 2013

Newsea Candy Bar Hair for Females

Alpine Meadows by Cink

Sugar & Spice Skinblend No. 1 by Fairsteadsims

Skysims 167 Retextures by Beaverhausen

Lipstick Pudding by Sintiklia

Finals Procrastination Rugs by Faellu

Resources for Monte's various Fixes by ellacharmed

Faster Fixer-Upper Car

♦ Game Requirements and Compatibility ♦
Roaring Heights required. Mod was created and tested with patch 1.63

♦ Mod Description ♦
So your Sim spent all that time fixing up this awesome car just for it to go SO slow? Now you can speed down the streets of Roaring Heights!!

Speed Value - 90 (with mod installed)
Default Speed Value - 18

Jeremy Scott Leather Br & Denim Miniskirt by Gergana

Miniature Horses-4 of them! by darkmoonight

Stylish Shopping bags by Ladesire

New Basket by Fanny